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LG G4 release date, rumours, news, specs and price

LG G 4 release date, Rumors, news, specs and price

Everything you need to know about the LG G4

Ahead of the upcoming LG G 4 release date, the flagship phone has Leaked in full as LG Continues to tease her future handset's key features.
A device tipped to pair a subtly Curved form with new premium materials, the LG G4 Has Been shown to sport a seamed leather back in a variety of colors. Although not pure chance to adopt a full LG G Flex 2 echoing Curved panel, it Has Been suggested the Samsung Galaxy S6 rival will feature a slightly arched display 'similar' to the mid-range LG Spirit    
Having re-established Itself as a serious player on the smartphone backup or its partnership with Google on the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 , 2014 released the LG G3 remit cemented the Korean manufacturer's position as a rival to the leading smartphone players.     
Now, one on Despite the LG G3 Continuing to make waves, attention turned to what's available Already next. With The handset enforcement failed to debut alongside the HTC One M9 at MWC 2015 , LG has now Confirmed the phone will touch down at a dedicated launch event later this month.   
Thanks to formal invites Issued to the media - including us here at TrustedReviews - We know that the LG G4 will be the focus of a dedicated launch event on April 28. Reports harbor claimed the LG G 4 release date will be held a month later on May 31.  
According to the latest G4 leaks, Nokia's next flagship phone will ship with a Snapdragon 810 chip and a 16-megapixel camera - a bump on the G3's Snapdragon 801 and 13-megapixel shooter.  
LG has ook got in on the act, officially confirming the phone's 5.5-inch qHD display panel and 8-megapixel forward-facing camera ahead of the handset's official Unveiling. This collection specs should see the device go head-to-head with the likes of the iPhone 6 and the upcoming Sony Xperia Z4  
Taking a slight step leftfield, futher reports hinted the port G4 will firmly adopt her phablet-sized dimensions and come packing its own stylus. While this bow to see the handset go head-to-head with the likes of the Galaxy Note 4 , it bow to be a serious step away from the company's custom-making policy. What's more likely is that reports or a spin-off LG G4 Notebook-following its standard sibling to launch will be realised. 
We'll Continuously update to this page with all the latest LG G4 release date news and Rumors moving forward. Bookmark it now to keep on top of all things G4.
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LG G 4 Release Date

Unlike many of its Rivals, LG doesn't currently Have Any regimented launch cycles for its flagship phones. Given that Nokia's smartphones port Fallen Between the cracks in recent years. clearer predicting When The G4 anything about land Approved s s difficult.  
Fortunately, Nokia has now Revealed plans for an April 28 launch event G4, ending the speculation Surrounding the phone's upcoming arrival.
Continuing the company's sub 1-year product cycle - the LG G3 was Unveiled in May ahead of a June release - the G4's Big Reveal will likely PRECEDE an in-store release the-following month.
Issuing formal invites to members of the media LG has plans to launch Confirmed the handset simultaneously across six global cities.
Joining the event here in London, Nokia has Revealed it will debut its G3 follow-on at separate events in Paris, Seoul, New York, Singapore and Istanbul.
Not only mentioning the phone with names - Mission or Any speculation or a potential branding change - the invite has Confirmed the phone will play host to a wide aperture primary camera, ideal for shots in low light.
The country will unveil kick off at 4pm BST sharp. Stay tuned to TrustedReviews for all the latest live from the event.  
Leaked documents LG in Korea as port Offered hints as to When The handset will be available Commercially. It Has Been suggested the phone will be made available for purchasemarket on May 31.
Given this mean anything about a Sunday in store launch, we suggest anything about this strike date with a pinch of salt for now.
If you simply can not save save to wait long to trial the device, LG has plans to pay Confirmed 4,000 prospective punters trial prior to the G4 release.
"We're putting the success of LG G4 in the hands of consumers Before the launch Because we believe they 'are the best judge of a great user experience, beyond just benchmarks and speed tests," Juno Cho, LG Mobile's President and Chief Executive officer said.
You kan register you interest in sampling the phone for 30 days through LG's region specific websites.
LG G4 display

LG G4 News

Removing much of the mystery, the LG G4 Has Been Leaked in full prior to launch. The culprit or the premature slippage? LG Zoellick.
The manufacturer Accidentally published full details on its upcoming phone on a dedicated micro-site. This was spotted by Promptly Renowned tech tipster Evan Blass avant being hastily removed.
Prior to the site's Demise, however, a series of LG G4 images ulcers snaffled, offering a comprehensive look at The leather-bound phone.
According to the Leaked snaps, the G4 will feature a leather rear, with a selection of colors to Chose between Wolmaransstad Wolmaransstad Cowhide - From The traditional tan and black to blue and yellow.
For those not keen on the animal skin look, a selection or plastic backed designs harbor also spotted leg.
LG G4 leak
While there are questions about Apple's next handset will be Whether Dubbed the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 7, there's no confusion industry leaders Surrounding LG's future flagships.  
Having previoulsy names dropped the handset in an exclusive chat with TrustedReviews , LG has now openly Confirmed the phone's G4 branding through a number or tease imgaes and invites.   
The company is keen to be that leading handset line retains the co Simplistic branding for years to come, too. Securing the naming rights to future phones, the Korean manufacturer has Already Trademarked names of the next six her flagship phones - now that's planning for the future.
Taking the 'G' line-up to the year 2020, LG has patented the LG G4 behalf, as well as Securing the rights to the LG G5, G6, G7, G8 and, yep, you guessed it, LG G9.
So, with the names sorted, what else can we Expect from the future phone? Well, LG has an unusual approach tasks and a number Already Unveiled or key components set to feature on the upcoming device.
The Company has formally showcased its next flagship phone display, a 5.5-inch bezel near-Free panel with a 2560 x 1440 pixel qHD resolution (above).
While this Might sound like the compositie display found on the G3, there are a few subtle differences to kick things on. In fact, LG has claimed the new panel represents a "quantum jump" in key features like color gamut, brightness, contrast ratio, touch function, power consumption and thinness.
Detailing how, the company has Revealed therein the LG G4's screen will sport aa 120 percent color gamut that exceeds the 100 percent color gamut on other displays. This Has Been Achieved by combining a blue LED chip with red and green phosphors, and other panels combine the blue LED chip with a yellow phosphor - simple.
LG roadmap
Again looking beyond the G4, LG Has Been keen to show off her advancements around Plastic OLED (P-OLED) screens, recently Unveiling a detailed road map (above), or how it will adopt synthesis technologies within the ECB the ECB its key product lines moving forward.  
Joining rollable and foldable TVs tablets (both tipped for 2017) on this list was a bendable smartphone Destined for a 2015 release. Having introduced the world's first Curved-screen smartphone back in 2013 - the LG G Flex - LG is looking to build on this P-OLED technology into getting more mainstream ways.  
"LG Display is Devoting her energy and resources to respondents roused to fast growing market and consumers' needs in order to Develop Plastic OLED to Become the key OLED application technology in the future," an official LG spokeperson said of the screen technology and its potential in the mobile market.
Ø Ø They added: "It Seems therein Plastic OLED will play an important role in people's everyday lives in the future."
While curves Might Be the future, do not Expect Them to Make flagship appearance this time around.
Speaking recently with TrustedReviews   LG's Head or Smartphone Planning, Dr. Woo Ramchan, stressed therein while foldable phones are 'Already a shower technology', there are 'a lot of barriers', and LG are not sure' that method is right for daily use. '
Although bendy screens are not coming just yet, an integrated fingerprint scanner just Might Be.
"LG Electronics has recently decided to deploy a fingerprint sensor on its next flagship smartphone and the scanner will be placed at the back of the device," an unnamed insider reportedly Told the KoreanHerald.
An Additional source added: "LG Has Been left behind in the race for Fintech as it continued to postpone includes The Adoption of fingerprint technology.
"With more global smartphone makers Incorporating a fingerprint reader, which is a security measure for mobile payments, LG Nov port had few options left but to deploy the authentication sensor for its next marquee smartphone."
LG G4 leak

LG G4 Rumours

One LG Rumor G4 that keeps resurfacing is the suggestion that the handset will come packing a stylus. Yep, Note 4 styles.
Although LG has launched a stylus-hosting spin-off to the G3, Forcing the peripheral one its flagship handset Seems like an unusual, and Unlikely move. According to Korean sources, however, the G4 will come with a stylus bunded to Allow users to make better use of the phone's sizeable screen.
Leaked images (below) port also Appeared, seemingly showing off LG's as yet unconfirmed handset with a pen-like peripheral in tow.
LG Zoellick has added fuel to the fire, patenting the term LG G Pen - presumably related to a stylus - industry leaders an introduction seemingly bow to add bulk to the handset's mimimalist frame - a feature LG has he he worked hard to keep down in recent years .
It is currently unclear, however, if the teased stylus will feature on the standard, flagship G4, or be limited to its mooted big brother, the LG G4 Notebook.
LG G 4 Stylus
One to design and aesthetics are one area where Nokia is widely sheer chance to improve, its next flagship phone. With the company's design heads continuation Comments form Expressed remorse at not bestowing the G3 with a premium metal finish, the G4 is sheer chance to adopt more high-end materials.
" In order to show off the luxurious nature of the phone, maybe we Could port used some high-end metal on the side or on the back , "Chul Bae Lee, LG's vice president of Mobile Design, SARS-when speaking about the LG G3 with TrustedReviews earlier in the year.  
Those accumulation for a '' fully metal device a la the HTC One M8 , however, Might Be left a little disappointed. 
Lee added: "I do not really agree that the entire body has to be metal ... If you Could charge $ 300 more for the phone, maybe we Could make it metal."
What's more, all of LG's G4-themed promo materials harbor suggested that the handset will be adorned with a less common ether finish. Here's its a bit more convincing accumulation than the dire leather-effect rear of the Galaxy Note 3.
According to recent reports, LG had Planned to bestow the G4 with a metallic coating but was forced to pit her plans on hold Until later in the year due to manufacturering issues.
As industry leaders, it Appears the G4 will miss out on a metallic finish while the upcoming LG G4 Notebook will make the move. This metallic move Appears to suggest that the G4 Leaked images we've seen - that show a metal-effect finish - are actually pictures of the spin-off G4 Notebook.

Another area where the LG G4 design looks set to be boosted in moving to even smarter bezels. It was one of the key selling points of the G3, and LG looks set to make its next flagship phone as closer to being '' completely bezel-bereft.
The company has recently Unveiled a 5.3-inch full HD screen that features a 0.8mm thick bezels lakes. Although not Exactly the panel set to feature on the G4 - we're expecting a qHD panel at least 5.5 inches in size - therein announcement shows a sign of what's to come. The near-frame-free screen Has Been Achieved though the use of a new "Neo Edge module processing technology.  
"With the growing trend for large-screen smartphones, customer demand for displays with a narrow bezel is increasing, Because it can users to enjoy the maximum use of screen area without compromising excellent grip and design," Byeong-koo Kim, President and Head of or or IT / Mobile Development Group at LG Display said recently.
He added: "With this innovative product keeping many Advantages, ranging from narrow 0.8mm bezel and its high-resolution picture quality to its smart design and touch-embedded solutions, LG Display will lead to continuous growing market for the large-screen smartphones, meeting the expectations of customers and users with the enhancing the quality of the devices. "
LG G4 camera

LG G4 Specs

Qualcomm chipsets for the causes musts flagship Android and Windows Phone handsets currently doing the rounds, but this Could be about to change. Samsung has long put its own Exynos Adding chips to iterations or its flagship phones, and now it Appears LG Could be Bringing her chip supply in-house, too.
The manufacturer announced recently its first mobile application processor Dubbed the Nuclun. The octa-core chip pairs four 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A15 cores with four 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A7 cores. The result: plenty of power.
With The Nuclun Adding Cat 6 LTE connectivity support - compatible only in certainement Territories - we do not anticipate this model will be introduced to the UK, however. What we're likely to get here in Britain is far more traditional.
With The LG G4 all but certainement to run Google's latest Android 5.0 OS Lollipop, a 64-bit processor Snapdragon is seemingly set to be on the handset's features list.
The era of the Snapdragon 805 is Already Underway firmly, so Expect the G4 to run the co Snapdragon 810 chip as We Expect to see in the Sony Xperia Z4
The Snapdragon 810 Brings with it 64-bit architectures, Cat. 9 LTE support , Improved battery life, Adreno 430 graphics, and a built-in for added security killswitch 
At a recent benchmarking event at Qualcomm's San Diego HQ, we Recorded record-breaking benchmark results AnTuTu With The 810 Notching up a score or 61,499.
This score far outstrips the 49 136 and 42 334 results Recorded by the Note 4's 805 and Z3's 801 chips.
Snapdragon 810
Although the phone's power unit is still shrouded in mystery, other components of port officially put Confirmed.
One industry leaders set-in-stone Moreover, the phone's upcoming 16-megapixel rear-facing-shooter- - that's a jump upwards from the 13-megapixel sensor therein Appeared on the G3.  
Prior to launching the company has Confirmed the G4 will benefit from a 16-megapixel primary camera with a wide f / 1.8 aperture for Improved low-light photography. This will be partnered with an 8-megapixel secondary snapper for selfie lovers.
The front-facing camera features a 0.11mm thin IR filter for more natural and accurate colors.
Away from power, and although LG Might port Promised a bendable phone for 2015, some reports suggested port this innovative technology will not be bestowed on the G4. Instead, it's been claimed therein the flagship phone will offer some impressive tech screen or all its own - namely a sapphire crystal display.
Previously rumoured for the iPhone 6 Plus , this panel toughened bow To see the G4 Become more resistant to scuffs and scratches. It's suggested that also put the handset Could follow the Xperia Z 3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 in Adopting a water- and dust-resistant coating.     
Further Siemens G4 specs are currently unclear. We anticipate the phone will retain the G3's laser-focused camera and rear-mounted volume and power controls, though.

LG G4 Price

While LG's recent flagship phones harbor stood out for their specs and performance, it's pricing and value that really helped port Them grab consumers' attentions. We'd Expect the LG G4 to follow in a similar '' vein.
At launch, the LG G3 was Pushing the £ 500 mark. Although this has subsequently tumbled to around £ 400, this is still highly competitive given the phone's qHD panel and powerful CPU.
We'd Expect the LG G4 price to be in a 'similar' Ballpark at launch. If You Might Expect, however, there's currently no official is on the matter.
What features would you like to see LG bestow upon the G4? Let us know via the comments section Projects and bookmark this page for all the latest on the LG G4 as new details emerge.