Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sony Xperia Z4: what we want to see

Sony Xperia Z 4: what we want to see

The Sony Xperia Z 3 has just arrived on shop Shelves with Sony but now in a pattern or releasing two flagships a year, we're only a matter or months Surely away from the Sony Xperia Z 4, so it's not too early to make a wish list, or what we want to see.  
Next to nothing yet has put say about the Xperia Z 4, though there lay mentions port or an Xperia Z3X packing a qHD display, 4GB of RAM and a Snapdragon processor 810, which bow to make for a serious upgrade over the Z3. 

Release date

We can also tasks a guess as to When The Xperia Z 4 will launch (though Whether or not the Z4 and The Z3X are one and the same is unclear). Sony announced the Xperia Z2 at MWC 2014 on February 24, so it's likely that the Xperia Z4 will arrive at MWC 2015 next year that is set to happen on March 2-5.  
That will put almost six months Between the Xperia Z 3 and The Xperia Z 4, so it mention anything make sense if Sony is sticking to two flagships a year. As for what we want to see, read on for all our thoughts.

4K video that actually works

Sony's been trumpeting its phones 4K video capabilities since the Xperia Z2, yet Neither therein nor the Xperia Z 3 can actually record for morethan around five minutes without saving up and shutting down the video.
Z3 camera
That's obviously a major problem and while it does not quite render the 4K feature redundant it does severely limit it. The fact that Sony has left it unfixed in the Xperia Z 3 is perplexing, presumably there is not an easy fix, but if longer videos for later skies Could it be a genuinely useful feature, whereas right now it's just an embarrassment or shield.
So hopefully it will be fixed for the Sony Xperia Z4. You never know, some people nov harbor Might 4K Televisions at-then too.

A qHD display

The Sony Xperia Z , Z1 and Z2 all had 1080p displays and that was fine if that was the best or Any smartphone had at the time and the screen size was at least being Increased.   
But also the Xperia Z 3 launched with a 1080p screen and that was slightly more disappointing, since the size remained the compositie and other than Increased brightness there was not much of an upgrade, plus some other phones, industry leaders as the LG G3 , Port started including qHD displays. 
We as the Xperia Z 4 to wow us and a 1080p display for the fifth time in a row will not do that, so we're accumulation qHD her.

Narrower bezels

Xperia Z3
The Sony Xperia Z 3 looks great, but the bezels cognition and The Projects screen are off-puttingly large. Presumably there's a reason for their size, they're likely housing vital components required to make the phone actually work, but they're unsightly and we heaps they're squeezing next time around.

Improved low-light performance

For the musts run the Xperia Z 3 Has A Perfectly Capable and equally impressive camera, but its low-light performance Could still use some work.
Sony made ​​some Strides With The Xperia Z 3, Improving it over the Z2, but seemingly more with software than hardware as its low-light photos come out tooth to over-processed, leaving it trailing behind the likes of the iPhone 6 and the HTC One M8 in Darker scenes.    
CLEARLY Sony is aware of the problem determined that it made some Improvements on the Xperia Z 3, but it did not go far enough. We clean for hardware Improvements, then Rather awkward software fixes.

More Power

With a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor and 801 3GB of RAM You Might not think the Xperia Z3 was Lacking for power, yet in some ways it is. For one thing all that power seemingly hasnt translated JSON performance, as Surprisingly we Noticed a little bit of laughter in use, especially-when-switching between apps.
It's not a big deal but it does feel less snappy than other musts recently flagships one on Despite the specs, that on paper Should be morethan up to the task. So we're more after Increased performance than an actual boost in specs, if it takes Improved specs to do that then fine, but if the thing can be compositie Achieved with a bit more optimization that's fine too.
Having said that superior specs mention anything not be a bath thing Either way, if the Snapdragon 801 is starting to look a bit long in the tooth with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using a Snapdragon 805 chip and The Snapdragon 810 expected to start Arriving in phones Soon.  

Render Bugs

Another Surprising aspect of the Xperia Z3 was just how buggy it seemed, with the keyboard some times bouncing or proving unresponsive and The notifications bar Occasionally getting stuck half way down.
Hopefully Sony will patch Those bugs out of the Xperia Z3 anyway but we'd really Rather it makes the Xperia hours Z4 is bug-free avant launching it.

Faster autofocus camera and

As long as the light's good the Xperia Z 3 may take some snaps in in exceptional, but one problem with it is actually getting to the point of being loveable to take a photo-when launching the camera and excursions and the autofocus are a little slower than we 'd life.
We're talking milliseconds here, but that could still mean the difference between Wolmaransstad Wolmaransstad capturing a moment and missing it, so hopefully the Xperia Z4 will harbor a snappier snapper.

A new design

We've Mentioned that we narrower bezels for but what we'd really like to see is a totally new design. Sony has done a good job of refining its design OmniBalance but there's only so much you Can Do with handset and a bit boring after handset sporting Fundamentally the co look it's starting to get.
Z3 side
Not to mention the fact that for our money bothering the iPhone 6 and the HTC One M8 look better. So hopefully Sony will do something new and exciting with the Xperia Z4.
Make it metal, GIVE IT curves, make it Triangular. Ok, maybe not that last one, but we're acids Sony can come up with something, oh and get rid of all annoying Those flaps! Most likely it will stick with OmniBalance, but we can dream.

Better Lifelogging

Sony's Lifelogging app is an interesting idea, if it goes beyond just counting steps to also tell you how much running, cycling and sleeping you do and ook how long you spend listening to music or watching videos (as long as you do it on your phone ).
Essentially if the name suggests it's designed to log your life, but it Could do with some Improvements. The Biggest issue is that it's just not accurate enough, but there are also quirks like the fact that it counts all apps as games, industry leaders as if you've never Touched a game on your smartphone it will likely peg you as a big mobile gamer .
Plus, while all this information is interesting it does not really lead to anything or a 'give you insights ny based on the data. If Sony can work on all things Those for its Z4-then implement it Could Become genuinely useful.


Asking for innovation Might seem a bit vague, but with smart phones getting more leveling-out-when it comes to specs it's innovation that can really help Them stand out, so it mention anything be great if the Sony Xperia Z4 had one or more innovative new features.
What Might Be Those are anyone's guess, maybe a scratch proof body, maybe a virtual reality display, dan then probably not a virtual reality display, but something and Ideally something that's just a gimmick morethan.
Come on Sony, promotional us a new feature therein as Z3 owners will consider upgrading for