Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Samsung S6 Edge Review

THE GOOD The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge's wraparound screen transforms an already great phone into Samsung's best-looking handset. Ever.

THE BAD That supercool design comes with a big price tag, and the screen doesn't deliver any real killer apps. Like the regular S6, the Edge doesn't support swappable batteries or expandable storage.
THE BOTTOM LINE Samsung's striking, high-end Galaxy S6 Edge has the beauty, brains and brawn to take down the iPhone 6 and all the Android competition.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the Ferrari to the Samsung Galaxy S6's BMW, the Chanel handbag to the S6's Coach. OK, so maybe the differences aren't that extreme, but you get the point. The S6 Edge earns its right to be called the designer version of the S6, and you'll pay a premium for it.
Its two rounded sides create a bold, innovative design that isn't just the first commercial dual-curved display, it's also probably the best screen on a phone today. And although the S6 and S6 Edge share every major spec and nearly every color, it's the S6 Edge that looks and feels like a completely different -- and far more upper-crust -- device. This is the Android phone you want to buy.
That is, until we get to the nitty-gritty: the real money involved. Australian carriers and retailers haven't announced pricing yet, but in the US, the Edge costs $100 more than the S6 on contract, and about $100 to $130 more off-contract, with $100 bumps for each storage size. That's as much as a 19 percent difference over the S6. (Price breakdown by carrier here.) In the UK, the 32GB S6 Edge is priced at £760 compared to the S6's £600, a 27 percent premium. 
Your choice here could well come down to paying more for the Edge's cutting-edge shape, or putting that extra cash towards step-up S6 models with more storage. The good news is that the nearly hardware-identical standard Galaxy S6 is pretty spectacular on its own, and you're not missing out on much if you pass up the Edge in favor of the better-value S6.
So, stick with the S6 if you want your money to go further, but for the more luxurious and distinctive phone, it's the Edge all the way.

The S6 Edge: Like the S6, in a far prettier package

Releasing multiple variants of its Galaxy phones is old hat with Samsung. But 2015's Galaxy S6 line is the first time the company has announced and released two sibling models simultaneously. Make no mistake, though: the hardware differences between the two handsets are mostly skin-deep.

Where the S6 has straight sides, the S6 Edge tapers on its right and left sides, where the curved portion of the screens arc to meet the back. Though it feels slimmer, the Edge is a hair thicker in its fattest part, but also a tad lighter. The power button and nano-SIM card slot also move up top on this variant.